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Seventh Heaven is a living, evolving place with a decidedly convivial soul.

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Our desire is for Seventh Heaven to be a gathering point and vehicle for culture, promoting the area but also inspiring positive changes and new stimuli.

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Soulidays. May 14-16, 2021

Soulidays. May 14-16, 2021 We are happy to host the second weekend of Soulidays themed “Open Awareness”-Full Awareness-which will be led by Jevon Dangeli, a transpersonal psychologist, trainer and coach for over 20 years, but above all an ever-evolving human being, knowledgeable and with an uncommon sensitivity. The course is dedicated to anyone who is…


The Suspended Pillow

Here comes the Suspended Pillow! Like the beautiful Neapolitan tradition, where anyone who wants can pay for a cup of coffee for the benefit of a stranger, comes the Suspended Pillow! Throughout the summer, the Seventh Heaven Inn has decided to launch this initiative for the Mammadimerda community. How does it work? Those in the…