Here comes the Suspended Pillow!

Like the beautiful Neapolitan tradition, where anyone who wants can pay for a cup of coffee for the benefit of a stranger, comes the Suspended Pillow!

Second Edition

Throughout the summer of 2021, the Seventh Heaven Inn has decided to launch this initiative for all Rainbow Families members !

How does it work?


Those who are Rainbow Family members can book a vacation with us with the

50% off

Just send an email writing the first and last name of the card-carrying person


In return for this discount, you will be asked to make a donation that will be donated at the end of the season to the Funtasia Foundation*.

What is Funtasia?

Funtasia Education was founded in 2013 by Elisa Sednaoui, a social entrepreneur.

Its mission is to provide youth and adults with the necessary tools for personal growth and fulfillment for active and conscious citizenship in the community.

In Italy, Funtasia is active in public schools and is present in Save the Children’s Points of Light.

Worldwide Funtasia also operates in Egypt, Mexico and the United States.

Why Funtasia?

Funtasia is a nonprofit foundation whose principles and vision are those with which we identify and which we firmly believe form the foundations for becoming active, healthy and self-satisfied citizens of the world.

A developmental and positive worldview that starts in education, helping teachers and students discover their potential by stimulating the development of valuable life skills such as inclusion, creative thinking and positive communication.

Here they are in brief:

EQUALITY: universal right to education, cross-discrimination-free educational methods.
IDENTITY: exploration, self-awareness and acceptance, respect, growth.
CULTURAL EXCHANGE: broadening one’s perspectives, cultivating positive relationships, embracing diversity.
CITIZENSHIP: sense of civic, social, cultural belonging and active participation in the community.


*It is possible to donate from €10 per person either in cash on arrival or via Paypal. All donations will be visible via Money Box and if you want, by leaving your email, you will be informed of the transfer made to Funtasia in December 2021.

The offer is valid until December 2021 on a minimum stay of 2 nights.



Suspended Pillow – 1st Edition

Throughout the summer of 2020, the Seventh Heaven Inn has decided to launch this initiative for the Mammadimerda community.

How does it work?

Those in the community can book a vacation with us with the 50% off the list price.
How? Click on the voucher image below and purchase it to credit and access the final reservation.

In return for this discount, he may decide to donate an amount as he pleases to those who are experiencing hardship.

Together with the creators of this fantastic and ironic mom community, we decided to dedicate the Suspended Pillow to all single moms (and dads).

A way to make it easier for those who this year between online classes, ravenous children and window tans have more on their minds than planning their vacations.

Click below to purchase your voucher with which to take your vacation for 50% less!

Suspended Pillow


Who, and what is it, mama-dimer?

Francesca Fiore and Sarah Malnerich are the two creators of a wonderful blog that today gathers a large community of about 60MIL women, moms and even some dads, who have irony as their common and obligatory factor. As the creators define it, mammadimerda chronicles “the low moments, the unmentionable mistakes of a fantastic experience: motherhood.”

Of course, we immediately fell in love with it.

Find Mammadimerda also on Facebook and Instagram.


At the Seventh Heaven, the welcome committee, successfully run by the true owners of the Inn, will be waiting for you: Straight from Pantelleria’s kennel you will be feted by J.J aka Gigi, the potato-dog (he would get along even with Cerberus), Ava the Calabrian hound nicknamed “mud mask” (guess why), Ignazio the elderly Jack Russel and 4 cats, all to be petted but most of all observed to discover the best places to relax.