A short walk from us you can find refreshments at Jovez!

Going to Jovez ‘s is like entering a time bubble where you can find old-fashioned flavors and a rare welcome!

In summer, you can eat under the foliage of a centuries-old oak tree, just sit down to start the dance of the dishes.

Eggplant, zucchini, gnocchi alla romana, pasta and beans, focaccia with onion, peppers, cheese, ham, are just a few of the appetizers made to perfection by Federico in the wonderful wood-burning oven that holds sway in the kitchen. Not to mention the pizzas!

Federico has a law degree but has chosen to follow the family business and holds improbable rhythms with a seraphic calm, late in the evening he is still capable of sentimental outbursts by tossing kilos of pasta and delighting us with mushroom noodles.

His other signature dish is gricia or cacio e pepe.

The soul of the place, however, is Piero; he is the one who dreamed up this place before even realizing it some 30 years ago.

Piero is “romano de Roma,” as he says, is easy on the joke, and if you are lucky you will be able to listen to his stories and laugh along with his always very colorful expressions.

Federico at the stove and Caesar at the tables are his strong, hardworking sons who never miss a chance to make you feel at home, with a smile, courtesy and a desire to do well.

Local people come here, old customers who are now friends return, people who have lived in the surrounding area over the years come, and who now travel 100km just to say hello to Piero and to indulge in the healthy pleasure of fine dining.

Jovez is a country party without a country.

In the midst of nature, a rare gem of courtesy and freshly cooked food.

As in any self-respecting party you will also find their beloved pets, cats and dogs, who, patient and wagging their tails will come over for a cuddle.

Here in Vezia’s well-kept garden, or in the large hall heated during winter by the wood of the stove, you will always be welcome.

Vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, we eat well, a lot and with pleasure here.

One leaves reluctantly, with a full belly and a slightly warmer heart.

And then, all that remains is to return!


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