On November 19, 2019, we were guests on the program Courtesies for B&B Guests aired on Real Time, Channel 31 on digital terrestrial or 121 on Sky.

In 2020 you may also find us on air on the Home & Garden channel (HGTv) at channel 56 on digital terrestrial television.


Click on the image to see the video on DPlay Season 1, Episode 7 – Viterbo.

Seventh Heaven Inn at Courtesies for Guests

Seventh Heaven Inn at Courtesies for Guests


The days of filming were incredible and some thanks are in order 🙂

Thanks to @la_andreozzi_official for understanding our choice and appreciating the rock’n’roll details.
Thank you for your clever wit and unconditional love for animals.
Thanks to @maxviolareal for the advice, for always having a kind word, and for giving us lots of laughs! Our adoption offer is alive and well, we are waiting for you in our big family!!!
(Unfortunately, they cut out parts but we made it clear!)
Thanks to @lorenzo.biagiarelli for recognizing Ale @the_alboom ‘s skill in the kitchen and being a kind and thoughtful host.
Thank you to all 3 of you for always having a smile on your face despite the fatigue and repetition and for making this experience a great joy despite the pressure and work pace.
Thanks to Alessia Eleuteri @alessiaele the author of this program, for your calm, super welcoming (because we all know that welcoming means “knowing how to receive and listen”) and for pushing us to give our best. We would also like to thank all the people who worked on the program, from the editorial staff with Giorgia and Mariantonietta to Carlo, Federico, Simone, Bruno, Vincenzo, Pierre, Roberto, Antonio, and the entire highly trained and professional team who always put us at ease while respecting spaces and people. Many thanks to those who did the editing and post production!
A beautiful, clean and cheerful program highlighting the beauty of our Italy.
Thank you to all our friends who helped us keep calm and cool first of all @country_nat and Gloria!❤️